• Image of Conjurer “Sigils” Cassette

Three years in the making, Conjurer returns with a fully realized masterpiece of psychedelic, progressive DOOM. Truly stunning, and rewarding after every listen. Recorded by Carl Byers(Coffinworm, Kvlthammer) at Clandestine Arts and Mastered By Dan Randall(Ghoul) at Mammoth Sound, Small Hand Factory is stoked and honored to offer Conjurer’s Sigils in a limited pressing of 125 copies. A 50 Gold Cassette shell version(Mailorder and from the band only) and a 75 Blood Red Cassette shell version. Download card included. HAND 010
Darkness. Devour. Light.
“Prepare to be crushed, not under the great weight of Earth, but in the vacuum of space. This is the best kind of aural punishment.” -No Clean Singing